Team Members

* NateGMan AKA LiqGravity *
Team Leader, Mapping, Concept, Site Design, Miscellaneous

* Mr_Wrong *
Mapping, Miscellaneous

Previous Team Members

Thanks For Your Help

* Guy Montag *
Mapping, Miscellaneous

* Fred Stidston *
Concept Artist

Positions Open

Liquid Gravity Productions is currently looking for team members. Positions range from texturing, coding, storyline, modeling, mapping, concept art, AI, scripting, etc... If you are interested in becoming part of the team let us know by sending an email to Just so everyone is on the same page, for now this is not a job - it is a hobby. You don't get paid now (it is a free mod), but if people like our games who knows wht might happen. Besides a compleated mod looks good on a resume.

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