Story of Big Brother

This is only science fiction (for now).

After the Xen alien invasion of the Black Mesa Research Facility (BMRF) in the first Half-Life the public found out. The info was out in the open. The American people asked the President for a more secure country. They asked for protection from the alien attackers. The President declares war on the aliens. The President sent the Senate to work right away on a bill he came up with. The bill is named "Freedom Military Act". It states that high Risk sites will be given:
1) A 3' wide or greater razorwire fence of 10' or more high.
2) A second fence that is electric and 10' tall with razorwire at the top.
3) Concrete barriers around entrances.
4) 10 armed military guards per acre.
5) And other non-noteworthy items.
The second thing this bill is about is building Secure cities and transferring citizens from unprotected cities into them.

The Senate took its time to investigate the attacks on BMRF. The two major parties could not come to an agreement in time. The American people protested for the President and Senate to act faster. The President heard their cries and acted. He signed two Executive Orders. The first was the "Freedom Military Act" and the second was the to declare a federal state of emergency. Signing an Executive Order skips right over the senate.

Declaring a federal state of emergency suspends the constitution and gives the President total control of America. The President hands the control over to an organization that he secretly belongs to - the Intelligent Security Localization and Abnormal National Defense System (ISLANDS). ISLANDS is an agency that most people do not know alot about. It only takes the stroke of the Presidential pen to give ISLANDS control. The members of the agency are appointed by the president and they serve a life term. They can take control of everything.

Most people in the public ignorantly believe that the president is trying to protect them. They slowly let go of freedoms to gain security. Propaganda of the Black Mesa and other Xen attacks are shown everywhere. The president brings it up in every one of his speeches. American flags sell faster than ever. Those who ask questions or speakout are forced to say they lied and are wrong. If they don't they are silenced in the night or publicly discredited. Fear drives people to conform.

Guns are "voluntarily" collected for the metal to make parts for the military. The Draft is started to quickly make a fighting force, after all, the entire country needs to be defended. Support the war effort!

There are very few rebels. Rebels who didn't sit by and let their freedoms be taken away. People who built fallout shelters years ago. People who trained with guns since they were big enough to hold them up. People who can make explosives with household items. You are one of them.

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